Strategic Partners Consultants
can deliver consultant staffing services on a national level with a client specific approach, through our dedicated Client Service Team.  They will work to understand your business and project support needs, then deliver available consultants options that are tailored for each client.

Your organization can advance your project initiatives, back fill vacancies quickly and deliver missing skills by utilizing our staff augmentation program.

In today's marketplace, there are several advantages to our consultant staffing program, including but not limited to:

  • Expertise and experienced consultants in various areas within the institution
  • Allows "business as usual" to continue while various projects are running effectively and efficiently at full force without taking critical key employees away from their daily responsibilities
  • Right to Hire -- Too often hiring decisions are made without enough information.  Knowledge is the key to hiring effectively land Strategic Partners Consultants' Right to Hire program allows both the candidate and the employer the opportunity to make an educated decision on committing to a full time employee status.  The Right to Hire program saves time and money by allowing an elongated evaluation period where skills, personality and work ethic can be revealed to the hiring manager, before an offer for full time employment is presented.


Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia
Santa Rosa, California
Fresno, California
Fresno, California
St. Louis, Missouri
Northridge, California
Pontiac, Michigan
Stuart, Florida


What our CLIENTS are saying…

Strategic Partners Consultants really took a good look at our needs and requirements before sending “warm bodies” to our project. They took the time to deliver quality consultants who were able to listen and transform our project into a winning situation.

- Compliance Manager, Bank of the West


Strategic Partners Consultants

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